Seven Lakes, One Town

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Located in the 2288 acre tract known in the 1880’s as the Douglas mill tract, Arcadia Lakes was first agricultural land that was composed of lakes with towering pine trees. Seeking to avoid the hustle of the metropolitan areas of Columbia, a few adventurous families moved to the country during the early 1900’s primarily settling on multi-acre tracts.. [ Read more… ]

Featured Photo: Snow Days


2015 Flood

2015 Flood Information Article from The State on How to Find Assistance after Flood Help After Disaster FEMA Applicant’s Guide Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Fact Sheet FEMA Public Assitance FactSheet FEMA Broken dam isolates some Cary Lake residents from The State, 10-22-2015 Mold & Mildew Cleaning Up Your Flood-Damaged Home FEMA Ten Things You Should Know About Mold EPA

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